The Entente

Flag and emblem merger

The flag and eblem of TE
             Janurary 2011 - December 2011
Anthem (Blood upon the Risers)
Entente 11 24 11

Current territory of TE as of 11-24-11

Former location of TE

(dark green)

Capitol --- Federal Prime

Largest city --- New Zanarkand

Official Language(s) --- Al Bhed
Demonym --- Abe

Government --- Federal Republic


Final Chancellor --- Yoba

Final Senator(s) --- Goodnames, Alexxxxi, Mr. Putin Man


- Zanarkand Abes --- 12 Feburary 2011

- Jericho --- 12 May 2011

- Dual Monarchy --- 16 June 2011

- Viridian Prime-Entente --- 25 July 2011

- Bauhuas Prime-Entente --- 1 September 2011

- The Entente (Reublic of the Khan) --- 1 October 2011

Currency - Gil
The Entente, officially the Federal Republic and Union of The Khan (Al Bhed: Common, Gryheqiheuh. Official, Dra Ahdahda or Vatanym Nabipmel yht Iheuh uv Dra Gryh) was a Republic in Echo. The Republic consisted of 9 States, while Federal Prime was the capitol. The climate of TE ranged from Autumn Desert's in the southernmost areas, Mediteranean climate in the center, to Apline in the North. With around 40 members, it was easily the most populous clan in Echo, as well as having a thriving Imulsion (posting) industry, making it the largest economical power of it's time as well. It was one of the major political leaders of Afterwind as well as a leader in ethics and technology.



In Janurary, a user named Gardevoirr joined a clan called Gosutoripazu. Once there, he helped many of the clans members, which never stayed online. There he met Alexxxxi, who would later help found the roots of TE. After most of Gosutoripazu went inactive, Gardevoirr and Alexxxxi left and founded their own clan. The Zanarkand Abes.

The Abes:

ZA was founded on 02-12-11, and soon after would accept many of TE's current faces into it's system. ZA was based in the high northern plains on the community map, down through the Tiberian Plateau and into the Guilted land. A player, AdmittingZero, would become friendly with Gardevoirr after a small chat about Anonymous. AdmittingZero would later join ZA, and become one of i's four leaders. In an Africa match in early march, ZA scouted out a newer player, DURRHUNTER, who showed excelled skills in micro-management at the get-go. He would later become ZA's fourth leader. One day, Gardevoirrs wanderer instincts hit him hard, and he left ZA for a still unknown reason. After this, ZA fell into the grips into inactivity. Two new memebrs joined in this period, Hotshot and Zeroaintdead. Soon after the new members joined, a war of words broke out with the then great power, Warborn Legion. In the end there was no clear winner, as the flaming had subsided, and along came Moderators. Later in March, Gardevoirr would return with an army of anons bent on annexing ZA into the military cross-clan known as Guardia. A war comprised only of negotiation and espionage would soon wage until a final agreement was made to absorb Guardia as ZA's subsidiary, and include Guardia as a Autonomous territory of the greater country on the community map. A few members did not like this, including Zeroaintdead and Gardevoirr, so they left ZA to find a new clan. They ended up joining the super-power of the time, Nation of Elite, but wouldn't stay long due to politics. They would wander off and found a new coalition, Jericho.

The Desert's messenger:

Jericho was a mirror image of ZA in the months to come. Many important faces would join the Entente family at this point, including Taylor (Aksarben), Fallen Heroes, ABox, Kenneth, UrlanderPendragon, and others. On May 19th, 2011, a week after Jericho had formed, Kanker Elysium had begun invading the neighboring clans word-space, and Jericho and ZA. In an attempt of self defense, ZA and Jericho "declared war" on this invasive force.

The Dual Monarchy:

After Kanker was defeated by a large alliance of coalitions (Samnang, god praise him), Gardevoirr lept back to Zanarkand to help rebuild. He soon drafted a plan to merge Zanarkand and Jericho into one Dual Monarchy, as the ties between the two coalitions had never been greater. The Dual Monarchy as it was called, was modeled after the real world Austro-Hungary, in the sense of two kings ruling one country. This Dual monarchy would survive until the second invasive word-war occured, this time started by Solunae Penticus, Kanker Elysiums succesor. Solunae would end up invading Z-Js Jimmies but never claiming it's then chuck-capitol, Vien. After Z-J left the war when Solunae Penticus moved out of Greater Echo, Gardevoir would follow them, to find out why they continued to invade the contienent. He found out many things, which were used as reasons for Rule 3#: Never give up. He would later leave to rejoin TE with his garnered knowledge.


After Solunae Penticus was eradicated by the Moderator team, Z-J became dominated by a neighbouring state wishing to start a greater union. This state, Viridia, would start placing the building blocks in which The Entente was built.

VE would see a great increase of members during this period, and many sorts of plagues and wars occured in the world outside the clan. As the world came back to normal however, VE started to lose it's population once more, resulting in a somewhat zombie clan.

The warrior's to the South:

Gardevoir would now wander off once more, this time to Warborn Legion, after an argument with Taylor about Ashibaka. WBL would see many refugee's from VE come and want to learn to be better players. WBL's elders, Pinheiro and Sificvoid, would teach the refugee's all they knew. One day came, after Gardevoir and Zeroaintdead had been heated in an argument that resulted in termination of their WBL status as well as a ban.

Spillway's and Smokestacks:

Once Gardevoir was unbanned, he returned to VE alone, and started to construct a new nation with Viridia's ideals, Jericho's power, and Zanarkand's emotion. The new leading state would be one called Bauhaus, modeled after the German empire, Tyrus, and classic Steampunk. The state would be very succesful in campaigns to recruit members, even welcoming refugee's from the former Solunae Penticus into it's arms. Most, if not all of VE/Z-J/J/ZA's lost mebers had returned, and this new "Entente" was rising. Soon however, those refugee's from the former Solunae Penticus would leave to join their master, Aristosseur, as he returned from the Dark world (of Athens). They would found the 3rd reincarnation of Kanker Elysium, Empire SRB. Before the end of Bauhaus' reign, they would annex the Jericho occult and Balls of steel, renaming it "Steeltsyn".

Never Die:

The Bauhaus-driven Entente would soon end however, as TE started to slow it's growth in the wake of SRB's grip. Refugee's from the destroyed Robloxia came and wished to join TE. No official name was ever given to their new state, so it is usually dubbed "Neu Robloxia". One day however, a new Cyberpunk themed state would emerge, called "Unixia"- the creation of this state would spark a fire that would ignite TE's gears of war once more, as TE slowly moved closer to SRB's front gate, to finally put the shoe on the other foot. On December 1st, 2011, The Entente was brought down by unknown conspirators and oldfags. The only surviving Entente clan is Jericho, and Gardevoirr has apparently died. Happy ending!

- - -


Currently, the Entente consists of 9 different states. These states are:

  • Zanarkand
  • Guardia
  • Jericho
  • Viridia
  • Steetsyn
  • Bauhaus
  • Zizoravia
  • Neu Robloxia
  • Unixia

Al Bhed:

The Idea of using Al Bhed in the clan has been around for quite some time, but has never been put into full effect. It is mainly for ceremonial purposes, but as of late it has become increasingly popular. You can find a fantastic translator here.

  • Jericho - Emblem of the Khanate it it's first leg of life.
  • Zanarkand - The original flag of the original state.
  • The current Emblem of The Entente.
  • The current flag of The Entente.
  • Viridian Entente - The flag the Dukes of Viridia used during their reign.
  • The ceremonial emblem used during VE's reign, credits to Cyber Nations VE.
  • The propaganda emblem.
  • Zanarkand - Jericho flag, mk. 2
  • Znarkand - Jericho flag, mk. 1