The Elitian states, are whats left of the once great Nation of Elite. These include the states of Squad, 8, Zaamfax and Elite. "Old Elite" was never part of NoE, but it is the foundation to the whole "Elite" idea.

The Rise and Fall of NOEEdit

Nation of Elite- it was once the greatest clan Afterwind had seen, but it was brought down by the forces of Kanker led by Vafika. It was started in mid feburary, 2011, by Undisputed and a few others. A few notable members of NoE were RastaMonsta, Indo, Fskchap and Root. Together they made the clan great, it was in 4th place for quite a long time, only becoming 3rd with the fall of Warborn legion, Semper fi and Zanarkand after the clan depression. It quickly became no.1 after that, it had played and won almost all of its clan wars giving it a high rep as a good clan. But in the wake of war that is the great shitstorm The Great Shitstorm. When war called Kanker needed to become stronger to make itself something better, so it took down NoE and made its place in history as one of the new big 5.

Soon after NoE fell the secular states that once made up NoE became their own clans, including Squad, 8 and Zaamfax.

Elite SquadEdit

Elite Squad, is the remnamnts of the command that once made up NoE. Started by Undisputed after the fall of NoE, it has 4 key members: Undisputed, Indo, Jagswired, and The Templars. They plan on bringing NoE back, but it will be difficult.

Elite squads logo

Elite 8Edit

Elite 8, is a slpinter clan started by Masterfulas a way of playing with the best on his terms, and or to preserve the ideals NoE once had.

Zaamfax EliteEdit

Zaamfax Elite, is the third and final former state of NoE, now a fully fledged clan looking for initiates.

Ran by RastaMonsta, he plans to make Zaamfax the best of the Elitian states.

Zaamfax forever

Old EliteEdit

Old Elite, is the basis on which NoE was founded, players "striving to become the best". Old elite was part of the original clan lineup.