Militia can be trained after the Militia upgrade is purchased for 1800 SP.

Militia are the most basic infantry unit available. They are cheap to train and maintain, with low range, low defense and even lower attack.

Strategy Effects

No Effect- Great Combinator, Naval Commander, Tank General.

Perfect Defense- Increases max defense by 1 and decreases max attack by 1. Good for those who are expecting the be holding lines while also expecting a modest amount of income.

Imperialist- Reduces the Weekly cost and training cost of the Militia unit to 0, making them free to maintain. However, militia suffer a decrease of 1 attack, making them best suited for defense. It's best to put countries that are not being used and have extra supply to auto-produce militia as they're a free and serve as a cheap, long term, defense investment.

Lucky Bastard- The benefit of this strategy is that you have the power of two Militia units in one unit. It Increases the After-roll to 4 (previously 0), allowing for the possibility of 8 defense and 7 attack; meaning that you will almost always have the advantage in milita vs. militia battles while also giving attackers a much more difficult time taking cities. However, the cost to train and maintain the unit is increased by 60%. Even though the Militia unit may have roughly double the power, it still has the same HP of one unit.

Iron Fist - Increased Hit Points from 7 to 10; a modest 30% increase but Militia have no movement and no viewing ability.


  • Transports are a great substitute for the militias short range.
  • Coastal hopping works great with mitlita, especially in combination with the Lucky Bastard Strategy. Load transports full of Militia and attack the nearest coastal city. After the city is captured, take the remaining Militia and continue to attack the next nearest coastal city.
  • The Imperialist Strategy works great when starting out on a low income continent such as Africa. Most countries in Africa cost less than 3000, with their low value mirroring their low income. Imperialist eliminates the upkeep and training cost for Militia, allowing for a more numerous defense force and longer campaigns.